Hourly-paid teachers: important opportunity

Hourly-paid teaching offers low pay and poor working conditions; we know this. But exactly how bad is the situation, and is it worse at some institutions than others? That can only be discovered by some major information-collection, and such an effort is now underway. If you do hourly-paid teaching at a university, whether as a graduate student or as someone with a PhD, anywhere in the world, you can help in this information collection by filling out the survey at http://www.wethehumanities.org/gta-survey.html.

What will be done with this information? We at Hortensii do not know, and it is possible that the final effects could be harmful; for example, if it becomes obvious that University X pays its hourly-paid teachers more than average, they might decide to reduce that pay. But on the whole we think it is better to take that risk and aid in the effort to get a clear picture of what is going on at different institutions. Our hunch is that university administrators probably already collect and share this information to some extent, and that the playing field will be a bit more level if hourly-paid lecturers also have it. And as this survey seems to have been started by the hourly-paid people themselves, we think it likely that they will try to use the results constructively. So we urge everyone who is in a position to respond to that survey to do so. Good luck to you all!

One thought on “Hourly-paid teachers: important opportunity

  1. This is certainly something that needs addressing, as is the awful policy at some institutions of setting a particular amount of money that they are willing to pay for a particular “lot” of marking, and then inviting students to compete for it, and paying WAY below minimum wage.

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