More information

Here are all the links we know of to relevant information. If you are aware of something we’ve left off, please tell us so we can add it!


Information on and discussion of the employment difficulties of people with PhDs:


Information and help for PhDs who would like a non-academic job

See our separate page on this (kindly contributed by Chris Humphrey), which explains what the different sites do. Here is a bare list:


Diagnostic tests that can help you decide which non-academic career would appeal to you:


Protocols that regulate the hiring and treatment of temporary academic staff in various disciplines and countries. As far as we can tell these are often ignored: can we bring them to the attention of those who have the power to implement them?


Possibilities for continuing in research and/or teaching without a traditional ‘academic job’:


Routes for academics in certain fields to enter school teaching without first doing a teacher-training course:


A site on which US adjuncts can share information on their salaries and duties:


Examples of programmes offered by universities that take good care of their PhDs:


The US Classics wiki that records when hiring departments send out interview invitations and offers:


A facebook group with advice (not personally verified, as I am not on Facebook, but I report the link as I received it):

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