Hortensii in San Francisco

We are really, really pleased that John Marincola, president of the Society for Classical Studies in the US, has decided to make the jobs problem central to this January’s SCS annual meeting in San Francisco (https://classicalstudies.org/annual-meeting/147th-annual-meeting). The Presidential Panel at this meeting, entitled ‘The Spring from the Year’, will focus on the major shift academia has seen in terms of employment prospects for PhDs and how we as individual academics and as professional societies should be dealing with its effects.

John has issued a general call for questions that people (especially, but not exclusively, US Classicists) would like the panel to address; to participate you do not need to be attending the meeting. You can send questions directly to him by December 29 (but sorry, we are not authorized to post his e-mail address on the web, so you would need to look it up: he’s at Florida State University) or to us at E.Dickey@reading.ac.uk. As Hortensii founder, Eleanor is extremely honoured that John has invited her to participate in this panel. She will do her best to convince everyone to help!

In the meantime we wish everyone all the best for 2016: may you all find either a permanent academic job or something else equally good!

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